Fountaindale Public Library, Bolingbrook, IL
Fountaindale Public Library, Bolingbrook, IL


Project Description:

The Fountaindale Public Library is 110,900 gross square foot three-story structure with glazed curtain wall and stone cladding and brick veneer exterior, elevated metal deck mezzanine with concrete topping, and slab on grade with a basement.  Site work included utility trench installation and concrete and asphalt paving.


ECS Involvement:

·         During the construction phase, ECS performed the Construction Materials Testing & Observation Services for the project including Concrete, Masonry, Structural Steel, Earthwork, and Paving activities.  During concrete operations, ECS worked closely with the contractor to provide quality assurance, including reinforcing steel documentation, floor flatness/levelness testing, slab coring, early compressive strength testing to facilitate shoring removal, and verification of compliance with re-shoring criteria.

·         ECS Field Staff also provided utility installation observation to document conformance in accordance with the Illinois American Water consultant/contractor.


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