I-895 Connector, Richmond, VA
I-895 Connector, Richmond, VA

Project Description:

Project Description:

The Commonwealth of Virginia embarked on a $324 million venture under the innovative Public/Private Transportation Act of 1995 by contracting with Fluor Daniel/Morrison Knudsen (FD/MK) for the 8.8 mile, 4-lane connector from I-95/Chippenham Parkway to I-295 in Richmond, Virginia. The project includes a 100-ft tall precast concrete span bridge over I-95 with the bridge height increasing to 140 ft as the bridge crosses the James River.


ECS Involvement:

·         ECS provided the construction materials Quality Assurance (QA) testing for the soils, concrete and pavement with full time VDOT certified inspectors.

·         Periodically, the concrete pours are in excess of 500 yards and are routinely poured during extended shifts beginning at 2:00am.

·         The project required 286,000 cubic yards of concrete for the bridge and bridge supports.

·         Approximately 1,000,000 cubic yards of soil will be placed, most requiring compaction testing

·         The project involves:

Ê        Two MSE retaining walls

Ê        15 bridge structures spanning primary/secondary roads including I-95, I-295 and Laburnum Avenue

·         ECS conducted 140 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) in support of right of way acquisitions

·         ECS provided the soils investigations in support of the wetlands mitigation plan.


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