United States Air Force Memorial, Arlington, VA
United States Air Force Memorial, Arlington, VA


Project Description:

The United States Air Force Memorial consists of three spires arranged in a triangular pattern extending 218 to 270 feet above the ground surface.  The spires are triangular in shape and constructed of a stainless steel and reinforced high strength concrete composite.  Each spire is supported on an approximate 8 foot thick reinforced concrete pile cap supported on 6 to 10, 3-foot diameter, belled concrete drilled piers. 


ECS Involvement:

·         Conducted a subsurface exploration and full testing and inspection services during construction. 

·         Provided design recommendations for belled caisson/drilled pier design and performed a slope stability analysis. 

·         Testing included earthwork, retaining wall construction, reinforcing steel, concrete placement, structural steel, and stainless steel weld inspections.


Project Highlights:

Due to the unique nature of the spires, ECS conducted an intensive materials testing and observation program to assist the structural engineer in documenting the in-situ behavior of the memorial materials, including determining the water content of fresh concrete, modulus of elasticity and Poisson's ratio of high strength concrete

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