Chaparral Steel, Dinwiddie County, VA
Chaparral Steel, Dinwiddie County, VA

Project Description:

Project Description:

The Chaparral Steel facility is a 1,000,000 square foot, $500,000,000 steel processing plant in Dinwiddie County, Virginia that converts scrap metal into steel products. The project included a main mill building with foundation loads of 6,000 kips supporting smelting equipment and 40 foot deep smelting pits. It also involved:

·         Liquid storage tanks

·         New railroad grade

·         Pavement supporting steel moving equipment

The project structures are supported on 1,300 drill caisson bearing the granite rock. This project was the fastest built steel mill in United States history.


ECS Involvement:

·         ECS was instrumental in the due diligence investigations in support of site selection for this 1,500 acre site. ECS was called upon by the local economical development officials as well as the site selection firm to provide the confidential and fast track due diligence investigation services including:

Ø      Wetlands delineation of 1,500 acres, fast track

Ø      Preliminary soils investigations for site selection completed in seven days

Ø      Civil War preservation evaluation to ascertain the significance civil war events

Ø      Architectural survey Phase I and II to access the architectural significant in the vicinity

Ø      Soils investigation for wetlands mitigation program

Ø      Installation and monitoring of 16 ground water monitoring wells with periodic water level readings

Ø      Final geotechnical investigation for the final design of the facility

·         ECS provided all construction materials testing/special inspections including soils, caisson, concrete, mortar, structural steel, and fireproofing on a fast tract basis with peak manning of the site at six full time technicians. ECS mobilized a team of four technicians to provide soils testing and observation and observe caisson construction. To free up the caisson contractor to make daily production requirements, ECS provided a drill rig to follow behind the caisson rigs and proof each caisson prior to installation of reinforcing steel and concrete.


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