Norfolk Southern Intermodal Facility
Norfolk Southern Intermodal Facility

Project Description

Project Description:

The facility is a new intermodal railroad facility which recently opened. Site improvements include four large storm water detention ponds, extensive wetland areas, and relocation of local road traversing planned facility. Site work included extensive soil cutting and filling to create level rail facility.


ECS Involvement:

·         ECS provided geotechnical consulting to the construction contractor and resolved issues regarding groundwater seepage, de-watering system design, and slope stability. As construction was nearing completion, we provided agronomy services to determine the reasons for grassing failures and offered suggestions to correct the problems. Duties included soil sampling and analysis to determine conditions and nutrient requirements.

·         ECS is also providing NPDES storm water monitoring services, turbidity testing and reporting to the State of Georgia Environmental Protection Division. Automatic sampling equipment provided at five outfall areas and five stream locations to monitor the erosion impacts due to the construction activity. Due to presence of a 3 million cubic yard stockpile removal, monitoring activities are ongoing while facility is operational.

·         Due to political and local opposition, the facility receives considerable public scrutiny and ECS was able to respond within one week with needed monitoring equipment (ten samplers). ECS provided on-site consulting to design the de-watering system. We have also provided suggestions and advice regarding stockpile and slope stability to minimize erosion impacts.


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